Anal eczema is a common non-contagious skin disease, lesions confined to the skin around the anus, also occasionally spread to the buttocks, perineum and clitoris, locally rash, erythema, erosion, oozing, crusting, de- crumbs. Longer duration, often thickening the skin around the anus, or dark gray color, rough, so as to cause chapped, oozing, itching, repeatedly made as the main features of any age may be the disease.

According to the etiology of anal eczema, we can take in life that corresponds to the positive measures to prevent anal eczema.

Effective way to prevent anal eczema

1) remove all kinds of reasons may cause anal eczema, a variety of chronic lesions such as chronic tonsillitis, dental caries, sinusitis; a variety of chronic diseases such as hemorrhoids, anal fistula, anal sinusitis should be actively treated.

2) eat chili, white wine and spicy food. Analysis of exposure to a variety of items, equipment and chemicals that may be allergenic substances should be removed.

3) In the course of medication such as see local erythema, itching and other allergic symptoms suspected, should be immediately discontinued.

4) maintaining anal hygiene, avoid scratching, rubbing, avoid using soap and water immersion and irritation of the drug fumigation, bath or topical, so as not to aggravate the disease, to prevent diarrhea or constipation and other causes induced anal eczema .

Anal eczema relapse prevention

① avoid external stimulation of various substances: for example, hot water to wash the anus, excessive scratching and other violence. Stimulate the local cosmetics and other substances to be hanged.
② prohibit the consumption of spicy food: such as fish, shrimp, crab, turtle, etc. to try to eat or eat less.

③ exercise to enhance physical fitness: to improve physical fitness, improve the treatment of this disease have a positive effect.